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Hip Surveillance Symposium 2021

Hip Surveillance for Children with Cerebral Palsy:
Strategies and Technologies to
Overcome Barriers to Implementation

Vedant Kulkarni, MD; Jon Davids, MD; Stacey Miller, MRSc, BSc (PT); Kerr Graham, MD; Amanda Whitaker, MD


Hip surveillance has emerged as the standard of care for children with cerebral palsy, allowing for early detection and improved treatment of hip displacement. Given the wide variety of health care delivery systems, implementation of a hip surveillance program can be challenging.  The videos above were delivered at a Hip Surveillance Symposium at the 2021 Annual Meeting of the American Academy for Cerebral Palsy and Developmental Medicine.  Participants were introduced to strategies employed to implement hip surveillance in a variety of healthcare delivery systems and technologies that have helped overcome these implementation barriers. 

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